“Brenda is a leader in any facet of the business world and has the unique ability to move seamlessly within a variety of groups. Her intellectual horsepower, people skills and solutions orientation are exceptional! Brenda also makes a concerted effort to promote consensus and streamlined solutions. She would be an asset to any organization.” MBA, CPA, CIA, Business Manager

About 2Thrive4

2Thrive4 is an Austin, Texas-based limited liability company (LLC) that provides strategy development and analysis services to private and public sector organizations and individuals. 

Brenda Coleman-Beattie,

2Thrive4 CEO + Principal Strategist

Brenda Coleman-Beattie is the CEO and principal strategist of 2Thrive4. Recognized as a proven executive management leader, entrepreneur and consultant, and dynamic board chair. Demonstrated professional success includes executive positions in Austin, Seattle, and Phoenix and working with clients throughout the U.S. I am intellectually curious and possess strong interpersonal skills with an innate ability to connect with others and excel at developing relationships. I have a well-developed business instinct, and the ability to help structure useful guidance around complex and far reaching innovative strategy choices. My marathon career ranges from financial and operations management to health and mental health care consulting.

From time to time, 2Thrive4 may invite other accomplished professionals to associate with 2Thrive4.

I am passionate about innovations in “head to toe” healthcare and have served as an appointed, state-wide board chair for intellectual and developmental disabilities organization and an elected board chair for a regional health care entity and a local behavioral/mental health advocacy organization.